Tekken 5 Game Free Download

Tekken 5 is an arcade PC game which is mainly developed for the computer system, but it’s designed in the platform of PlayStation so, if you want to play it on your computer, then it’s needed to install the Pcsx 2 emulator and configure it as well, but we will help you to configure it for you so, just stay turned with us for the moment.

Tekken 5 Game Free Download

Tekken 5 can be define as action product as well, but it’s officially listed in the arcade category which is obtained from the Wikipedia page. The Namco has published it as well as release it so, the whole credit goes to the Namco. Namco has provided some other installments of the same series which are the previous parts, but we gonna provide in the sequel so, all the previous products have been provided here. Download Tekken 4 game for pc from this website.

Screenshots Of Tekken 5 Game

Tekken 5 Game Free Download For PC

Tekken 5 Game Free Download Full Version

Tekken 5 Game Free Download Compressed Setup

Basic Gameplay Of Tekken 5 Game

The basic gameplay of the installment is going to provide here so, just focus on us. We have provided the screenshots of the product which will tell the enjoyment & environment of the product so, you can judge the amazing product. There are many old installments of the series which we have provided on this website so, we are moving on and providing the new one.

Tekken 3 was the most successful part of the series, but they introduced a low rated product which was known as tekken 4, but the current part stole the show because it’s earned the huge amount of respect and finally beat the 3rd part of the series because it seemed that beating the 3rd part is a big challenge for them, but they did it very well.

Yes, it took the time, but the effort finally paid off. It’s at least containing around 30-35 characters which is the most amazing thing and it was very popular in the beginning and there were very few operating system that plays it because when it was the demanding product, then all the PlayStation & PC stuff were very expensive and some of the people could buy or afford it.

Extended Gameplay

We did extend the gameplay of the product because we felt that there is still enough to write & tell people so, we did it. It’s containing more players so, there is more joy as compared to the previous one and people really like it, many of the tournaments held in different cities, countries and worldwide actually. People all over the world prefer this product.

They love to play it and love the competition as well. You should play it with your friends & relatives and it will give you joy which you have not experienced it before because I have experienced it, but just stay calm when you play it and takes the joy, then you will have the best time on the game. Tekken has finally 13-15 new characters so, it’s more interesting.

You gonna like it, but your computer must meet the requirement of the product which is compulsory to have. You can configure it according to the need as well means that you can set the specific duration for the round, you have the options to set the time duration of 30 seconds, 40 seconds and 50 seconds. It’s up to you which option would you like to choose. I love to set it in 40 seconds.

Tekken 5 Characters List

Ah, this is the most important thing about the installment and it was the main reason of writing this article, this was the first change that Namco made in the current installment because they made a lot of extension in the characters list, they are around 30-35 characters in the current part and everyone is having the great skill and action attacks.

Heihachi Mishima is the one of the leading character of the current part and he was the leader in the previous parts and having the good fighting skills while his son Kazuya Mishima is also the great, but there is some extension in the current part because it was made by inclusion of Devil Jin which was not present in the previous parts so, this is going to be damn exciting.

Installation Steps

We have landed to the main section of the article because this thing is the most important because it will show that how to install tekken 5 game on your PC. You need to pay the attention carefully because one missed step can make you to disappoint so, just do it carefully.

  • Download the file from this website
  • Install the daemon lite tool software and mount the image
  • Install the Pcsx 2 emulator (Compulsory)
  • Configure it properly and set the bios as well
  • Open the Pcsx 2 emulator and open the ISO file
  • It will take some time to load and play the game

This is the easiest way to get it install properly and if you still could not know it, then you have to stay here because we will provide the installation tutorial which you show you everything clearly and if you have any issues while installation, then you can ask me directly.

What Kind Of Errors Appear?

This is the most frustrating question because the error is the only which makes the mod bad because when you get an error, it needs to install the file again because the error can’t be fixed out easily so, we gonna mention some type of errors which appears when we install the games.

When I install the tekken 5 game mostly the error appears of the pcsx 2 emulator setting because the setting is a bit difficult to configure and that’s why the error appears, you need to read the instructions carefully to get reach the winning point otherwise, the lose is expected in the way.

Configuring the bios of the game in the emulator is also a big question because it needs the attention of the user otherwise, you gonna have some kind of error and the screen will stuck at that time so, you have to do it carefully. Few of the errors appear of the missing files of Windows as well because we install the windows of different versions so, every version is containing some extra files, but still lack of required files of the windows as well.

System Requirements

This is one of the interesting thing to know because it asks the system to meet the requirement and if your computer has the given requirements so, it will work properly on your computer. This installment released a long time ago so, new systems support this installment so, don’t worry about that, but the upcoming products need the high requirements so, you need to get it.

  1. Core i3
  2. Ram = 5 GB
  3. Graphics Card = 512 MB
  4. Hard Disk Space = 20 GB
  5. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 (32 & 64-bits)
  6. Windows 10 is the recommended version


This is the end of the article almost, but not the era of tekken series because they have published many new products of the series so, just stay with us to get download all the new products as well. If you have any question related to the product, just ask it freely because we have provided the platform where you can feel free to ask any question and can make any query.

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