Tekken 3 Game Free Download

Tekken 3 is an arcade PC game which is the second part of the sequel, we have provided the first part on the website as well, but we will mention it then, but for now, let’s take the tekken 3 game for PC. If you have average PC computer, then it gonna provide 200% entertainment because it’s hub of entertainment.

Tekken 3 Game Free Download

Tekken 3 is also count as an action game because it contains too much action as well as adventure. I found it the best PC game because I spent too much time on this product. I’m a gamer as well and this product is played most by me, yes I did many other installments, but this is just love. This is the different cover as compared to other, but it looks cool.

Screenshots OF Tekken 3 Game

Tekken 3 Game Free Download For PC

Tekken 3 Game Free Download Full Version

Tekken 3 Game Free Download Compressed Setup

Basic Gameplay Of Tekken 3 Game

We can define it as an action game as well because there is much action and I don’t know why it’s said to be arcade product while it should belong to action product, but the setting and options of the product make it arcade series, but it does not matter which series it belongs because the important thing is about its fame which it has earned all over the world.

There exists a lot of stages which are needed to pass, there contains 10 stages and you will get the different character after every challenge, you need to get them beat one by one and defeated character will not arrive again as it’s compulsory because it’s against the rule of the gameplay so, every character has only one chance.

We have the similar product on the website which is recently published on this website, but it’s one degree upgraded, but if you want to get it as well, then just download tekken 2 game for PC. Are you looking for the similarity of these two products and there are maximum similarities &  minimum difference as few things are upgraded on current version.

Extended Gameplay Of Tekken 3 Game

The extension of gameplay is required because the information is just started, but the section went complete so, that’ why I decided to extend it and brief it more clearly with the original data about the installment. Each stage includes two rounds, but if you want more practice or want to get the joy more than ever, then you should select the 3 rounds.

3 Rounds are also possible and can be done by changing the setting from the setting panel which includes many other options asks to chance, the user can select the round of the specific time and it can be done easily and you will know once, you get it install on your computer.

There comes the Tekken Theater mod as well, it’s containing more movies than the first product because Namco has extended the characters in the current installment and Yes, we forgot to mention that Namco has published & released it for the PC as well as for the other operating systems like, PlayStation device or Pcsx 2 emulator which is also PlayStation 2, but designed for PC.

Tekken 3 Game Characters List

There are more characters as compared to the first product because when the first product of the Tekken series got the fame, then they knew that it’s the time to rule the gaming world, Many tournaments held in almost every country, I have played many tournaments of Tekken 3 game, but never succeeded because there is enough competition.

There are total 15-16 characters in the current installment, but we will try to mention the characters with more power & defensive strength. Ogre, True Ogre and two main characters in the current game, you gonna compete Ogre in 9th stage and specific in the second round because first round includes Heihachi Mishima who is the one of the toughest opponent.

Gon is the most amazing character, Gon has made with the look of the animal, but actually the wild animal because he is so small, but do things better than many other characters. He is the totally different character as compared to other opponents so, I would like to suggest to select that character and have fun.

Installation Steps Of Tekken 3 Game

The game is very easy to install, but you need to give a bit of your time to get it know that how to do it accurately so, here you go.

  1. Get the file from the website and Extract it with winrar
  2. Get the Winrar if you have not installed it
  3. Open the folder & first open the registry file
  4. Basic things will appear there, no major changes are required to be made during the procedure
  5. Just click on continue and finish it
  6. Open the Tekken Launcher and play the game

What Kind Of Errors Are Expected To Appear ?

First error appears when you don’t make the registry of the product and it stuck and because people have no idea that what to do with it so, they went disappoint and that’s why I specially mention the registry of the product.

The second error appears of the missing files and it appears because there are some windows files which are not available in various versions so, every person has different version of every windows and it asks to get the missing file first. You need to Google it and get the missing file and which mostly appears of the .dll extension.

We did mention the most of the errors which I have also faced, if  you face a different issue, then you should comment below, we would like to solve out your problem and give the solution of your problem.

System Requirements

This is the most high rated section all around the article because it contains the information which is required for the user to know because it can be work on your computer once, your computer system completes the requirements of the product and we gonna provide the important information below.

  • Pentium 3
  • Ram 1 GB
  • Graphics Card = 32 MB
  • Hard Disk Space = 60 MB
  • Windows Xp, windows 7, Windows 10 (32 & 64-bits)
  • Windows 10 is recommended for the Gaming stuff

You can experience this installment if you meet the requirements of the product and luckily this product asks low requirements which is least processing specification of the computer systems of today so, just enjoy it on your computer dude. 🙂


We are near to the end so, we would like to suggest that you should play it with your relatives or friends and it will give you best feeling of your life, I’m 200% sure that you gonna enjoy it on your PC and getting more skill will give you more pleasure so, just grab it now.


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