Tekken 2 Game Free Download

Tekken 2 is an arcade PC game which is specially launched to get some entertainment for the users of PC and who are found of gaming stuff. It’s the most basic game which is considered the first part of the series which is gone viral now-a-days.

Tekken 2 Game Free Download

Tekken 2 is also considered an action game as well, this is the most viral series of fighting products, we did see a lot of products which are very famous, but no one can compete this part. It was the first success of Namco which is the publisher & developer of the installment. Many changes made in the certain duration of the series rating.

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Tekken 2 Game Free Download For PC

Tekken 2 Game Free Download Full Version

 Tekken 2 Game Free Download Compressed Setup

Basic GamePlay Of Tekken 2 Game

We gonna provide the basic information related to the product. There held the challenge between the two specific characters from the complete characters of  the installment. We did provide the many shots of the installment so, you can check it if you want and you have to check them as it’s best for the business.

There are total 7-8 stages and each stage contains two rounds. You can set the specific time for the each round means that both contenders have 60 seconds for a round and the character with more damaged condition will be announced as loser, but the drama has not over yet as each stage contains two rounds.

If the character lost one round, then he/she needs to win the second round, then it will held the third deciding round which will decide that which contender has win the challenge. It provides unlimited challenges, the user can select any character from the given even the user can replace the character as well once the challenge completes.

Extended Gameplay Of Tekken 2 Game

We decide to extend the information of the product because there is still enough to say, but we would like to get it over within 2 lines so, there exists many modes in the game as well as you can watch the Tekken Theater which provides a specific selective movie of every character and the same movie appears when any character completes the all stages.

The location is very interesting and every round will held in different place. The character contains different attacks which increases the charm of the series and it was the reason that this series got more fame than other arcade gaming series.

Tekken 2 Characters List

8 contenders have been selected for this game which you will see once, you get it install on your PC so, we gonna write them on this website.

3 Relatives are the part of the characters, Heihachi Mishima is the leading character of the installment and then it comes Kazuya Mishima who is the son of Heihachi Mishima. Jun Kazama is also the contender of the series and he is the son of Kazuya so, there exists son, father and grandfather as well.

Other characters are Nina Williams, Lee, Anna Williams And Armor king, these contenders are also very strong and we would provide to play this installment so, you can know their feature awesomely.

Installation Steps Of Tekken 2 Game

We need to take the several steps to get it install on the PC and we would like to provide here so, there you go.

  1. First get the file and extract the file using Winrar
  2. Winrar is required to extract RAR extension
  3. Open the folder and run the setup as administrator
  4. Fill the required blanks and then just click on next and it starts installing
  5. It takes some time and then click on finish button
  6. Play the game and have fun

We do like to provide the help of the installing errors which can be caused by mistake which we used to do in the installation step, but this installment is very easy to install and no error is expected so, we would skip it, but for the next products, we will also mention that which error can be appeared during the installation or after the installation, but for now it’s over.

System Requirements Of Tekken 2 Game

It announces that it’s going to work or not because it directly asks to meet the requirement of the system and least requirements of the installment must be met by the system otherwise, it would not work on your PC.

  • Pentium 3
  • Ram = 512 MB
  • Graphics Card = 16 MB
  • Hard Disk Space = 20 MB
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, windows 10 (32 & 64-bits)
  • Windows 10 is the first choice for PC Games


We’re about to end the article so, that’s why we add a special conclusion heading which will give you the total preview of the article. You can get it for PC and then you will be addicted to it and it’s the old tekken game and the first reason to get the series viral.

The tekken success starts from this product so, just get enjoy the product and check it out what were the feature that it went world’s best arcade gaming series and no one is existing near to compete this product.

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