Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City Game Free Download

GTA Vice City is an adventure game and it’s the best part of the series because I have played all the parts of the series, but this is having something special in the gameplay and that’s why most of the gamer liked this product or at-least they have played it once in the life because this is most demanding product throughout the gaming series so, having such value increases the charm of the product.

GTA Vice City Game Free Download

We have written a lot of about the article in the previous websites, but we are moving on now and trying to get convert all the attentions to the new site which is currently opened. You can see the cover photo and it’s the overview of the whole installment and they showed everything in the single cover photo. There is enough to write about the article so, just stay with us to get know more about the game which is very information for everyone.

You’re the only guy who play the whole game and there is no double player option so, you can’t play it with your friends or family members. I have played it with my friends, but they were just sitting next to me, but they asked for the control and I gave them the control, but we can’t play both at the same time so, you need to wait till the one person completes his/her round, but I did ask my friends to pass the specific mission which were very difficult.

I remember that when I started the product, then one mission was very tough to pass on so, I asked many people about that mission so, one of them told me that that’s his favorite mission and he loved to pass that mission so, I took him to my home and gave him the keyboard so, he played it and did it exactly what it was required. GTA San Andreas is also the important part of the series.

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GTA Vice City Game Free Download For PC

GTA Vice City Game Free Download Full Version

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Basic Gameplay Of GTA Vice City Game

This is the section which belongs to gameplay of grand theft auto Vice city. I have played a lot of games in my whole life, but no game did not give enough joy which this installment gave so, we should thank to the publisher & developer of the product, Rockstar is the publisher & developer of the product even they released the complete GTA series.

There is enough to write about the product, but let me tell you that this product can work on computer systems, but you can also enjoy it on different kinda operating systems which are very common now-a-days because Xbox & PlayStation are two very common operating systems which are mainly use for the gaming stuff, but still you can use them to play music & videos as well, you can run the internet through these devices.

There are around 70 missions in the whole installment, but the end never comes because this product is infinite so, there is no end of the product & once you complete all the missions, then you can ride the different cars & bikes on the different places. There is money concept as well because you need to buy some clothes, also the guns from the store.

You need to pay the money to the store owner so, they charge you something which is affordable. There is one easy way to get the dollars which I used to get the dollars when I used to play this product. It was the most easiest way to earn the dollars, all what you need to kill the people to get the dollars so, I got a plan, then tried it which actually worked so, I got the easiest way to get the dollars.

You need to put the cheat codes from the codes that is “Panzer”. Just Press the “Tab” button, then the mission will be started, you need to kill the persons which are marked up in the map so, you need to find them, then kill them, but I got the solution so, you need to ask the tanker, then type “Bang Bang Bang” cheat code which used to blast the whole area.

When you will use the above mentioned cheat codes, then your enemy will also get murdered so, your mission will be succeeded, but you should take care of one that you should stay away from and kind of vehicle because the bang bang cheat blasts all the vehicles so, you should stay away from the vehicles when you press this cheat code. In this way, you can earn infinite dollars in the GTA vice city.

There is disco club as well which is available for 24 hours and you can avail it all the time. People use to dance there and have some party there, but there are few missions in which you need to go to disco and meet some people and also you need to go along with him in a mission, where you need to withdraw a person from the prison from the enemies.

You need to bring back the person from the prison and the prison will be bad condition and you need to drop him on the Hospital so, your mission will be succeeded then and there. This product can work on almost all the product of Microsoft windows. You can run it on windows XP as well because I did play it on Windows XP because the PCs were very expensive those days so, everyone preferred simple Pentium 4 processing system.

In one mission you need to have a race with two or three guys, but on the car so, they seemed professional, but you’re newbies so, you can face enough problem on that mission because I remember that I could not pass the mission, then I asked the help from the friend, then he told me that you should try a cheat codes which is “get me fly” and the cars starts flying and once the car gets fly, then you can easily reach at the checkpoint.

We were trying to end the Gameplay section, but we decided to proceed it further. You can get the more interesting information about the product in the extension section of the Gameplay so, just stay with us and get enjoy the amazing guidance of the Gameplay of the Vice city game.

Extended Gameplay Of GTA Vice City Game

This is the extension of the article because it was required to extend it as there is enough to say, but the time went end so, we have decided to extend the section so, now you can learn more about the gameplay of the product. You can have a bit problem related to the installation steps, but we are going to provide another section which will include the procedure that how to perform the task of installing it.

There is one specific code for the health protection, health protection is very important because if someone punch you, then you will lose some health power, if you are going to face a bullet of the pistol, then surely, you are going to lose enough of your health strength which is not good thing indeed. You need to remember the code of the health protection as well because when you go to do a mission, then you can also face the fires from the opponent family as well.

There is one blue shirt & pant which he normally wears, but you can also change the dress by using the cheat code as well because there are some codes which are specified use for the different dress, but we will prefer that you should buy the dress from the store which are available in the product and they will give you demo of every dress, you can try every dress, then they will let you know the pricing stuff, then it’s up to you.

There are very amazing cars in the product, but there is no cheat codes for Mercedes because Mercedes is very amazing car which is valuable and not in reachable for the every person so, few royal persons use the Mercedes. In one mission, you need to drive one Mercedes for the royal girl and you need to start the car, then she will sit next to you and then you need to drop her in the specific place, but there is fixed duration to drop her.

The mission can be failed if you don’t drop her on time so, you need to stay your eyes at the watch as well, then just drive carefully & in hurry, but you can’t put her life in danger so, just get the sensible speed and drop her at the end. I used to do it with using the cheat codes because I have told you that no mission is possible to pass without the cheat codes so, you are going to use the cheat codes in almost every mission of the department.

You should avoid the Police because they can catch you anytime, there are some goons as well who misbehave with the people of the city and you can ride on bike, you can have the better ride on bike because you can see the different places on the bike so, you can’t avail such opportunity on the car because there is very limited camera angle of the car so, just grab the happiness so, have some ride on the bike.

There are few helicopter missions as well and you need to drive the helicopter, but don’t worry about the control because the control system is understandable for us so, you can easily drive the helicopter. There are many helicopters in the product, but few are difficult to drive because they have difficult control system, but you will enjoy the ride on the helicopter & secondly, you need to pass the mission as well, but the first helicopter mission is very tough to pass on because you need to drop 4 bombs in different portions of the building.

You need to drop the last bomb in the 4th portion so, this is going to be very exciting and you need to be a spy person because one guy was hanging out with a girl, then you need to capture the images, you need to give to the specific people, but they will know that you have stolen some images through the camera so, they will start following you and you should escape from the picture, then got to a safe place.

Installations Steps Of GTA Vice City Game

This is one of the important section because you will learn that how to install GTA vice city so, you need to pay some heed on the installation process otherwise, the error is expected at any stage. When are going to provide the installation method so just follow us and don’t escape your eyes from the scene, then you can face the error, but we will also provide one section which will includes all the errors which normally appears when people installs this product.

  • Download the files from the website
  • Mount ISO 1 using the PowerISO
  • Just install the setup and configure the setting
  • You need to fill out the asking documents carefully
  • Then after completing the setup file
  • Just Mount the ISO File 2 using the PowerISO
  • Just open the CD drive 2
  • Copy the crack file which will be placed there
  • Paste it to the directory of the installation folder
  • After pasting the crack file, then you need to open the folder
  • Open the launcher and play the game 😉

This was the simplest method to run this game on the computer system surely, you are not going to have any kind of error but for the guidance, we are going the specific error department which will describe that what kind of errors can appear while installing or launching the game.

What Kind Of Error Appears ?

Now, this is the most addressable topic because people face the errors normally so, we are going some errors which appears and we are also providing the solutions of some errors which are famous so, you should not worry about that. Just install it properly using the above mentioned method.

We have the Hard Disk Space error at the top of the list because this is the most appearing error which you can normally face when you install any installment on your computer, then you should face it, but you should make some space free in your computer hard disk, then you can easily bypass this error so, can move forward and the good thing is that it shows the error during the installation, you can continue the setup after some actions as well.

Second type of error appears when your computer’s windows is missing some required file that is mainly required for the game to run on your computer system because Microsoft Windows use to make new updates every month so, some files are missing in the previous product so, you need to download the required file from the Microsoft Office, then you should  continue the setup.

System Requirements Of GTA Vice City

We have been in a department where you need to deal with the specification of the product and you need to fill out the specifications of the product otherwise, you are not going to run it on your computer. There is specific required space for the product so, you should check it out first otherwise, you can face any error so, we are providing the recommended requirements.

  • Pentium 4
  • Ram = 2 GB
  • Graphics Card = 64 MB
  • Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8+Windows 10
  • 32-bits & 64-bits operating systems supported
  • Hard Disk Space = 1.5 GB


This is the end of the article and we want to say bye with good memories & news because no one can bear the disappointment & discourage. This game is going to make your day with lots of energy, you will be addicted to this game if you have not been yet so, you have been already addicted to this product, then it’s never your mistake because its charm really attracts the users.

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