Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas Game Free Download

GTA san andreas is a very special product for me because it stole my childhood and I remember each point of the product even the single sight of the screen has feed in my mind which is not forgettable and I hope that you are having the same scene which is very common because this product make some space in users’s heats so, it’s easy to judge that and GTA san andreas is an adventure installment which has earned enough reputation because of its gaming jobs.

GTA San Andreas Game Free Download

GTA san andreas is an action game as well because there are many scenes where all what you need the guns and fire the bullets which is very common and most of the missions are containing such kinda drama so, it’s very simple to understand the logic of the product because you can get time to understand the gameplay of the product, but further we will provide the gameplay in the next section so, don’t worry about that because you’re not alone here.

There is enough to tell about the product, but before that I want to tell you that we have uploaded product of the same series which is very expensive in skills so, just download GTA 4 Game for PC. We are going to upload all the parts of the series so, just wait for the time to get start because we have just started the work which is expected, but you will have the complete gaming series in the future on this platform so, just be ready for that.

Screenshots Of GTA San Andreas Game

GTA San Andreas Game Free Download For PC

GTA San Adnreas Game Free Download Full Version

GTA San Andreas Game Free Download Compressed Setup

Basic Gameplay Of GTA San Andreas Game

We are providing the basic gameplay which is available on different platforms, but we have decided to provide the collective gameplay of the installment which helps you because you can get the whole information in the single platform which is written clearly and in easy words which are understandable for the users of the website. We have provided the screenshots of the product which are showing the charm of the product.

If you ask me personally that which gaming series is best for me and the answer is “GTA” gaming series is the best series which is my choice and I know that it’s the choice of many other people as well. I have not seen any other installment which compete this one. There are around 50-60 stages in the whole installment which are very difficult to pass on so, you need to pay heed on the every scene otherwise, the losing stage is expected and can arrive at any cost

This product also supports the cheat codes which is very common in GTA series because you can’t even pass one mission without the cheat codes and you have to remind most of the cheat codes in your mind otherwise, you’re not a pro gamer of the series and I have not played it for years, but I still remember most of the cheat codes which I used to utilize in the product.

Every product of GTA series has different cheat codes which performs the different tasks and there were around 100-150 cheat codes for the every part of the series, but you can’t remember all of those so, you try to remind those which are most demanding in the product and can be used at difficult time when you’re on a mission in the product. Suppose, you did something when the police is around so, they will start following you because it’s a crime to kill someone or have fight with someone.

The gameplay section is about to end, but before that we want to give a good news to the users of the website that we are going to extend the gameplay of the product so, don’t need to search out on Google or other platform to know about the product and in further, we will discuss the operating systems which support this product.

Extended Gameplay Of GTA San Andreas Game

There is the extension program of the product which is available for the users of the website. This product is available for the windows operating system mainly, then later you can play it on Xbox operating system and there are different models of Xbox, but it can work on almost every device which named as Xbox. You can also play it on PlayStation 2 operating system as well, but not supported on PlayStation 1.

There are lots of cars, buses, tankers and helicopters in the product and you need helicopter in some missions, but those are very few because you need car or the bike in the most of the missions. There are many sports cars in the product and you can get the sports car by using the cheat codes as well and I have also remembered many cheat codes of the sports cars, but we are not going to mention here because you should google them, then you will get the complete list of the cheat codes of the different use.

When I played it for the first time, then I went happy that I’m going to experience new product which seems amazing, but when I started the first mission, then I had the toughest time and could not pass the mission, but somehow, I cleared the first mission and somehow cleared the second mission as well, but when I came to third then it went hopeless for me and I even had no idea that how to do it so, I searched it on Youtube and got the video where the person shared the mission three and then then I did the same thing and completed the 3rd mission.

We are going to end the section of the gameplay because we have provided enough information for one article and hopefully, you will see many new informative stuff in the next article as well which is containing of the same series because there are still 2-3 products of GTA series which are still needed to be upload on this website.

Installations Steps Of GTA San Andreas Game

This is the most important thing because if you do it properly, then you are going to run it on your computer otherwise, the error is expected because if you don’t install the setup file properly, then surely, you are going to have some kinda error and we will describe error problems in the next section, but please pay heed now because we are going to provide the installation process so, follow us.

  • First of all, get this game from the website
  • Extract the ISO file through Winrar
  • Just open the extracted folder and then
  • just Open the launcher of the game
  • Play and enjoy the game 😉

This is the simplest method to run any game so, we are sure that you are not going to have any error, but we want to provide the list of errors which normally appears when you try to install any gaming series so, just be ready for that and get all the information about the errors & bugs problems.

What Kind Of Error Appears?

This is one of the important section because here you can get the solution of the problem which normally people do face when they install the product or after the installation setups so, just grab the opportunity and remove the errors from your end.

Most of the time error appears of the hard disk space usage and it appears because you have not enough hard disk credit of your computer so, you need to remove unnecessarily stuff from the hard disk and start the installation again so, it will start working and finish the installation soon.

Second issue appears when your windows is missing some necessary file in the windows operating system because there are many versions of single windows so, they still do make new update of the windows 10 and they include all the required file so, the system is still improving so in that sense you need to download the required file from the google and install it in the direct which have been directed by Microsoft Corporation.

System Requirements Of GTA San Andreas Game

This is also very important aspect of the product because system requirements is very important to fill out otherwise, your system don’t gonna support the product which is very common and I know that many users download high rated games, but their systems don’t support the games and that’s why we are recommending to check the requirements first so, you will not have any error while playing it on your computer.

  • Core i3
  • Ram = 4 GB
  • Graphics Card = 256 MB
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 (32-bits and 64-bits)
  • Hard Disk Space = 5 GB


This is the end of the article and we have added conclusion section in the article so, you can get the overview of the whole article which is required for the users who are not interested to read out the complete article so, they can get know in short time of period. This is the amazing adventure game and you are going to rate it high points for sure so, don’t wait to play it.

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