Grand Theft Auto GTA 3 Game Free Download

GTA 3 is a PC game which was mainly developed for the computer system later, it were introduced for the next operating systems which are specially made for the gaming series so, you can also run it on different kinda platforms like, PlayStation and Xbox and these are two top tiers of PC gaming because they are the most advanced gaming operating system and all what you need to have a DVD or have the specific game in you PC.

GTA 3 Game Free Download

As I told about the game in the beginning of the article so, I will proceed it further and will try to describe more clearly so, in that sense you can get know more better. This is the one of the best series that I have ever played because the upcoming parts full of enjoyment and I spent my whole childhood by playing this series. We will describe them in the upcoming section, but for now, we are going to end the paragraph here, but before that we want to introduce WWE 2K14 Game which is also available for the PC system.

Screenshots Of GTA 3 Game

GTA 3 Game Free download For PC

GTA 3 Game Free Download Full Version

GTA 3 Game Fere Download Compressed Setup

Basic GamePlay Of Grand Theft Auto III Game

This part is written in different forms, but the most easiest is written in the title of the article so, you can know that and I’m damn sure that you have used the same title as well on the search engine to reach & download the part and the title is GTA 3 because it’s well known title so, you searched it as well and that’s why you have been redirected here.

This is the one of the best part of the series, but still the upcoming parts are more interesting than current one because upcoming parts are containing more enjoyment which is feeling in all forms of gaming series. Gta vice city is the best part of the series, but the developer has  released many new products, but old is always gold as the our forefathers told.

So, we are about to end the section of GamePlay Of  GTA 3 Game, but before that we want to give you a great news that we are providing extra section of Gameplay because it’s so unfair to end as it’s very popular PC gaming series so, we are moving forward. We hope that you have liked our decision to extend the Gameplay of the article.

Extetnded GamePlay Of GTA 3 Game

So, there we go and we will provide some extra information about the article because there is still enough to say about the article. When you will install the installment, then you can enjoy the different kinda cars, buses and tanker as well. You can ride the bike as well, but you have to learn the control of the joystick.

We will proceed  a bit more further, then we will end this section as there are many other sections are still to appear. You can use the cheat codes as well and most of the cheat codes are available on the Internet, but Google is the main source to steal the cheat codes. You can get a free by using the codes and I’ve played this game all the time in my childhood so, my take is that you can’t even pass a single mission without cheat codes which I’ve experienced in my life.

Installation Steps Of GTA 3 Game

This is the most important needed to be perform as there is enough to know about it because this section will decide the experience of you with this installment because if you don’t perform the installation steps properly, then surely, you are going to have some error on your computer system so, please avoid it because it will ruin your time which is meaningful.

  • First of all, get the Rar file and extract the file
  • You can choose Winrar or PowerISO to extract or Mount it
  • Once, the extraction gets complete, then open the folder
  • There will be a setup file and all what you need to open that setup file
  • Fill the asking requirements and just click on “Next”
  • Click on the “Finish” at the end so, it will be installed successfully
  • Play and Enjoy the Game 😉

What Kind Of Error Appears?

This issue appears almost for the 3rd installer of the product because most of the people are newbies who even don’t know that how to do it clearly so, we have introduced a new section which will appear the most expecting errors which you face normally during the installation process.

The issue appears of the hard disk space which is very conman, but this issue will not hurt you enough because it shows the notification that your system is lacking hard disk space so, you will make it free, then proceed it further. This product does not take enough space so, you can easily bypass this error and you can hardly experience any error with this product because it does not take enough time to get complete.

System Requirements

Now this section will decide that it’s going to work on your PC or not and it depends on your computer system and your computer is capable to play, then it’s Ok otherwise, don’t install the product because you are going wrong way as the error is expected and actually let’s put the error aside, you can’t run it and they will give the warning during the installation or they will show the notification at the end.

  • Pentium 3
  • Ram = 512 MB
  • Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 10 (32-bits and 64-bits)
  • Hard Disk Space = 200 MB
  • Graphics Card = 16 MB


This is the most demanding section because it takes the whole round and gives the best result of the product so, we want to tell you that you will never get disappoint if you install it on your computer and most of the people have played this installment on their PC and that’s why they are doing it & try to get it again to enjoy the amazing scene of the childhood.

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