Chhota Bheem Games Free Download

Chhota bheem games is a collection of different categories small PC games which really gives the adventure so, we can consider this collection as adventure product. There are total 7-8 games in the collection and I will recommend to play all on your computer, then you will have unlimited joy because when you are chhota bheem fans, then you are surely going to like the games as well because it gives the infinite pleasure.

Chhota Bheem Games Free Download

Chhota Bheem is an animated show which is being broadcast by the Indian Channel ‘Pogo’. You can watch the all the episodes on the Pogo channel and the great news is that you can watch all the episodes on Netflix as well because it’s really popular series of animated show so, you will get hear this brand everywhere. The above shown characters are the characters of the show so, you might know them all.

Chhota Bheem is the leading character in the animated show and that’s why all the games have name with him. He has many close friends who always use to travel & sit with him so, you will see them everywhere we you want to see the Bheem. Raju is also one of the leading character of the show, he’s really sharp, but having short height, he is having two hairs on his head which looks horrible. We have also provided one another product which belongs to small category so, download Kaun Banega Crorepati Game For PC.

Screenshots Of Chhota Bheem Games

Chhota Bheem Games Free Download For PC

Chhota Bheem Games Free Download Full Version

Chhota Bheem Games Free Download Compressed Setup

Basic Gameplay Of Chhota Bheem Games

As I mentioned early that it’s the collection of 7-8 games so, let’s talk about those games. I really like all the products, but I specially like Chhota Bheem cricket game which is available in the collection and tops the collection because Cricket is one of the most playing sports so, everyone wants to play cricket with this legend no doubt. His friends are part of the cricket as well, they use to field in the ground and mostly Kalia uses to bowl to Bheem.

Bheem uses to bat, he can hit the six in no time and there is no enough effort required to hit the six because he will give middle it properly, then it will go for the six so, you have to middle the ball properly, then surely it’s going for the six. Jagu uses to take the stunner catches in the drama and he will mostly appear during the fielding, but only Bheem can bat.

Everyone know that there are two groups of these friends. One group is having sharp minds which has been leaded by Chhota Bheem while the second group has been leaded by Kalia Ustad who is also very funny character because he uses to do all the stuff which makes everyone happy so, he is always try to be more cleaver than Bheem which leads him to any kinda trouble.

Dholu Bholu are the part of second group and the second group is including all the lazy guys so, you can’t expect anything good from them because they don’t do a single work at time even they make the more trouble for the single work which is considered as easy work, but they make it harder, then they repent that why we have taken part in this issue. They are very close to Kalia and Kalia uses to beat them as well. They call him Ustad.

There is another product in which the match held between these two groups which I have described in the above paragraph so, you can check it out, but let’s discuss about the product. There is a match between these groups to have a race of ship. Both have their own ships and have to drive the ship carefully. They have given the winning point as well so, you have to reach at the winning point.

If you will reach at the winning point at time, then you have won the race, Kalia uses to drive the ship from the opponent team, we have the controller of Bheem’s ship and it’s about us that how much time we take to reach at the winning point which is not easy because Kalia uses to drive carefully & he has well known the locations to drive the ship. You can play it on Windows XP and many other operating systems as well.

We have told about two of the products which are available in the collection and let’s discuss about another cricket product, but Bheem have different & unique role here because he stands as Umpire in the match, the bowler will bowl the delivery so, he will ask for the out, but you have to look carefully, then you have to give the decision, but you have to pay attention there because if you will miss the delivery time scene, then you are surely can’t make the decision.

We have provided enough information for the single section, but there is still enough to write about the topic so, you have to wait to get more information related to the product so, we are going to extend the Gameplay section which was expected because there are total 9-10 installments in the collection, but we have discussed three of them so, I have to describe more about the collection.

Extended Gameplay Of Chhota Bheem Games

This is the extension of the article because it was required to provide the extension. We have discussed three out of ten products so, we are going to discuss the next remaining parts of the series. There is one Ladu challenge as well which is similar to one product which is very popular in the Google Play Store, I have forgotten the name, but I remember the gameplay of it.

We have to throw the Ladu to the bubble to make them vanish so, this is really interesting product which have been inspired from the Angry birds and now I have finally remember the name of product whose gameplay has similar to current versions so, this is really amazing product, I’m damn sure that you are going to enjoy the single scene of it. There are still many versions of the collection to mention, but we will discuss them in the next paragraph.

There is one installment which is known as Chhota bheem Jungle run and it’s very famous product because there is enough scope of it, we hope that you will like the installment because there held a race between Bheem Vs Kalia in the center of Jungle so, this is going to very interesting scene and surely, Dholu & bholu are going to support Kalia Ustad, but the rest of the candidates will support the Chhota Bheem for sure.

Installation Steps Of Chhota Bheem Games

This is the one of the most discussed topic because it’s really hard to install few games, but few games are really easy to install so, we will give the installing guidance in the below section so, you have to check it out, then surely, you can install the game on your computer and it’s not enough difficult to install it because it does not take enough time to get install, but when you have installation pending which takes enough time so, you can have the error because the error can appear any time.

  • Download the collection from this website
  • Extract the file throrugh Winrar
  • Open the folder & then find the launcher
  • But you have to install the Flash Player for sure
  • Open the launcher and select any game which you want to play

What Kind Of Errors Appear?

This is the most important topic because it will make you disappointment because getting error is also a problem so, we are providing the normal occurring errors which are founded in majority scenes so, you have to read the section and there is no need to search out the solution of the problem on the Google.

Most occurring error belongs to hard disk space error which appear during the installation of the setup so, you have to delete some unwanted stuff from your computer hard disk, then you can surely resume the installation and there is the best thing of the installation because it provides the chance to resume the installation setup after getting the error so, this is very useful thing to perform on.

Second most occurring error belongs to missing file of Microsoft Windows which normally appears when any windows file is missing so, you have to download the required file, then you have to paste it in the direction which have been directed by the Microsoft Corporation, when you will download the file, then you will get the notepad file as well so, it will include all the procedure to install the file on your computer windows.

System Requirements

This is the another important topic because it will give idea that how much space is required to install the game, but this collection does not take enough space to get install on your computer, but we will disclose the specifications in the below section so, you have to wait few more seconds to reach out the specifications of the installment.

  • Pentium 3
  • Ram = 256 MB
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • 32-bits & 64-bits are supported for sure
  • Graphics Card = 16 MB
  • Hard Disk Space = 30 MB


We are moving toward the final lines of the Chhota bheem games so, we are 100% sure that you are going to enjoy the scenes of it so, please share it with your friends, then surely you will have the more joy, but  these games don’t include the double players which is the only disappointment in the series.

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